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More and more often lately, each of you will have happened to observe the countless table lamps scattered in the trendiest rooms of your home. city.

All lamps that create a unique atmosphere and are increasingly present in our everyday life.

But they are not just "fashionable", having the correct lighting in any room or work environment is important to reduce tiredness and eye stress

A good quality table lamp allows you to solve these problems.

LED technology is not only the future but also the present of lighting technology. It helps us save electricity and money, but also make a contribution to the environment. Why not combine this modern technique with a classic table lamp, so you have a lamp that isn't just beautiful? A lamp that gives particular and best quality lighting, on the desk or on the table next to the armchair. And this not only with style and the favorite design, but also with modern technology that is completely convincing. The LEDs used can be of numerous types and can even include the now very famous replaceable bulbs, the so-called retrofits. In terms of design, however, LED table lamps can be decidedly different and built with various types of materials. There are classic models, or with an industrial look and obviously with different types of design aimed at recalling the past, present or future. LED table lamps are usually built with fixed LEDs already incorporated. They have reduced and essential lines that combine well with the needs of modern life.

ARE THERE LED LAMPS WITH USB CHARGING? Of course yes, fortunately. Try to imagine: you are sitting at your desk and there is only one socket nearby, to which we would like to connect two essential devices: the table lamp and the mobile phone: with a very simple solution: LED table lamps with a practical USB port.

Other types of LED lamps are MULTICOLOR ones. This function of the lamp will allow you to change color usually via a supplied remote control or via your mobile phone via dedicated apps. To find out whether the lamp you have your eye on also lights up in green, red and blue, look at the item description. Or check that the product details say "multicolor/multicolor".

Another type of lamps are DIMMABLE. Ultrapractical, comfortable and ideal for any environment you want to create. If you are reading, you can increase the light intensity. If you want to relax, then reduce it. Usually these lamps are equipped with a very practical dimmer integrated into the lamp itself which can work with a "tactile" system or as a "high/low" button.

LED table lamps with an integrated battery system are LED lamps that usually have a lithium ion battery inside them that needs to be charged and allows you to enjoy the LED light for many hours. The models are very diverse, and unlike normal wall lights or pendant or bedside lamps which require a nearby connection socket, these LED lamps, having an integrated battery, can be placed in any place. Some models even outdoors, provided they have the appropriate level of protection. How long they stay on depends on the model.

As you can see, the world of lighting engineering is constantly evolving with new possibilities and countless spaces for future projects